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darksideofebay's Journal

The Darkside of eBay
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THIS IS NOT AN eBay SELLING COMMUNITY! For community info and what we're about read the FAQ please!

Let's face it: There's weird, and then there's really weird. From the infamous Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee videotape and sites dedicated to the elimination of Jar Jar Binks to the ethically challenged muckraking of Matt Drudge, the Internet satisfies just about every fetish under the sun.

Online auctions are no different. Along with the casual collectors and the hard-core sellers who make their living online, there is also a small number of folks who peddle the strange, the curious, and the flat-out bizarre. Looking for a taxidermied mouse riding a beetle? How about your very own TV shopping network? And who could do without that 19th-century enema pump decorated with purple and blue flowers? Click through the listings of any auction site and you're bound to find a fair share of items that will elicit a bona fide double take--they're selling what?

So without further ado, let's take a look at The Darkside of eBay. We wholeheartedly admit that this communtiy is far from scientific and definitive, but hopefully this very subjective community of auction links will provide a hearty chuckle or two.

One final prefatory note: no one--not us, not even the auction sites themselves--can verify the legitimacy of many of the following auctions. Some were legitimate auctions, while others were likely just for laughs. Enter at your own risk. And please: no wagering.

-adapted from an article written by Andy Roe

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